Serial port file transfer dos

  • EXE - RS232 transfer between DOS and XP - Vintage Computer Federation.
    Some issues in getting a dos serial/paralell file transfer application (530.exe) to work with XP. It might be a serial port config issue as well.
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  • EXE - COMM-DRV/DOS Features - HALLoGRAM Publishing.
    COMM-DRV/DOS is simply the best and fastest serial communications libraries and. Several serial ports can be connected to the same IRQ. A file transfer utility (cdrvxf.exe) that supports the ZModem, XModem, and YModem protocols.
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  • EXE - Z88 Link - Rakewell.
    We supply. There is also a free program that runs on RISC-DOS. As long as Windows thinks it is a serial port you should be OK. You will have to try. A few clicks and your files are transferred between the PC and Z88 in a whiz. Best tool I.
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  • EXE - Transfer of CP/M software / disks -
    There are several programs to transfer disk image files back to a real floppy disk, or to. If you want to copy only PC compatible floppy disks, but not only DOS. computer has a serial port (V24 aka RS232, try to use a file transfer program like.
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  • EXE - The MS-DOS Collection, simtelnet/msdos/io_utils/ - Lanet.
    ASM] (870831) 20K COMM port driver (870320) 3K. program for serial/parallel ports (941202) 26K File transfer prog. via.
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  • EXE - Termite: a simple RS232 terminal - CompuPhase.
    It has no provisions for transferring files or binary data. After connecting a serial cable between the PC and the remote device (or remote PC.
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  • EXE - Connecting your SE to a PC -.
    How to connect a Macintosh to a PC via their serial ports, and thereby. DOS Mounter will let you mount a PC/DOS 1.4MB disk and drag-copy files to and from it. If you are transferring files created by programs common to both Mac and PC.
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  • EXE - Interlink Win 95 Win 31 -.
    Both the server and client are compatable with windows 95 dos and this is the procedure for connecting older computers running legacy. Unused Serial Ports on both Computers. Connect the file transfer cable between both computers now.
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  • EXE - Tera Term command line.
    TCPPort setting in setup file is ignored. /BAUD= baud rate: baud rate of serial port. /FD= file transfer directory: File transfer directory; /H: Hide title bar.
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  • EXE - Amiga file transfer - boomerangsworld.
    For serial data transfer, you need a PC with a serial port and a null-modem serial cable. Luckily, the Amiga floppy controller can read DOS formatted disc. Also.
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